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Usually a very sexually irritated youngster. A pervert and a creepy douche. Their actions usually include some of the following:

1. Not many friends
2. Jerks off. A lot.
3. Spends a lot of time on the computer with porn or World of Warcraft
4. Fantasizes about friends' parents.
5. Steals others belongings such as dildo's, sex toys, bras, or panties.

If someone you know takes part in these actions, they may very well be among the Dildo Thieves.
Alec: Dude I am freaking out!

Mitch: Why?

Alec: Jarrett broke into my house last week and stole my mom's panties!

Mitch: Oh... I should've known he was a Dildo Thief when I caught him masturbating to his grandma last week. Sorry...

dildo thief pervert creepy
by Not that guy!!! April 24, 2011
When a group of musicians who aren't that great name their band something super cool. Usually you will here this band's name and be like "oh damn" and go look it up. You will be disapointed.
Mitch: Dude I heard about this band "Attack Attack!" last week and it sounded cool so I looked them up.

Alec: That's a sick name! I'm going to check them out!

Mitch: No don't bother. There was some Shady Band Naming going on...
by Not that guy!!! April 24, 2011
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