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The so called "Prime minister of canada", aka The lying, cheating, vote buying JERKOFF who runs a corrupt dictatorship and controls public opinion through his massivle ybloated government beauracracy. Claims to be the defender of Canadian Health care and yet cut 40 billion dollars from it when he was finance minister. Claims to know nothing about the sponsorship scandal and yet was finance minister at the time. Is he incompetent or just a liar? The hero of whiny assed liberals everywhere who are completely happy with the fact that the liberals are ruining canada with their corrupt, arrogant and irresponsible 'governance'.
Paul Martin is a Lying Dickweed.
by Not A Liberal June 16, 2005
A tactic created by the Communist regime to create unnecessary nicknames, amplify prejudice, and use stupid euphemisms to reverse discrimination, and break down Western Civilization.
Broke-backs, horizontally challenged, and especially African Americans lend me your auditory apparatuses;

Equally I come not to honor all , but to amplify the problem .
The imbalanced treatment that men do lived before them
Inequality rose from the grave
So let it be with prejudice as well. The noble left
Hath told you politically correctness is thy blessing

If it is so, Tis a joyous occasion.
And joyously hath we delighted in it.
Here under direction of communist and liberals
(For both implementers are honorable parties,
And thus politically correctness is not a gay philosophy)

Come I to speak at this politically correct classroom,
Not to teach diversity, but to reverse discrimination
But liberals say this is “in”.
And liberals are all honorable men,
They provide nice euphemisms to the marginal.

Who have a heard about dealing with context
It is not context but the idiotic newspeak language that is important.
When the poor hath cried, involuntarily leisured they were titled.
Hath thou a better meaning of inverted fascist philosophy?
Yet thou doubt the left agenda.

And thee is an honorable party
Using Communism and cultural Marxism
Changing your speech and thought process
As not to discriminate against minority. Is this factual incorrectness not fair?
Yet you doubt the left agenda?

And sure they are all honorable men
I speak not to vocalize my beliefs
Thou must be avoided as to not disrespect others
I must make up for the past iniquities and injustices I did not commit.
What cause withholds you then to rejoice in this wonderful idea?

Oh politeness, thou art is not needed
And men have denoted their religion with me:
My heart is with the liberals who have a hard time dealing with reality.
And I must pause and rejoice in it as to not offend anyone.
by Not a liberal May 07, 2006

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