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a word defining one's level of intelligence, usually used by an incredibly cool, awesome, and intelligent person.
Sam: god, my geniusness is just so great. who else could have thought of a brilliant plan to get Rachel to stop reading our shit?
Stephanie: you're so right! hey wait a minute, GENIUSNESS IS NOT A WORD!
Sam: of course it's a word. you can add '-ness' to any word and it's a word, trust me. if you don't believe me, go on www.urbandictionary.com in like 4 days and i PROMISE it'll be there.
by not sam December 20, 2007
the space between the breasts in which nothing but air exists
Oh dear, my boobgap itches.
by Not Sam January 03, 2008
It means a badly done (crappy) TV series episode.
Wow! That one Hannah Montana episode was EPICRAP.
by Not Sam January 01, 2008

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