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a douchebag who by his very nature is "the bad guy". He may be balding although it's uncommon to have hair as a Bronner.
He also has tendancies to do idiotic things that result in the pain of his friends. He may buy a house for instance under false pretense, and have all his friends agonizingly help him move out. Or he may crash his 4-wheeler into a mailbox and injure both him and his wife and bitch about it all day.
Who would be, "that guy"? A Bronner.
by Not Flava August 04, 2009
A guy who's just lost his virginty. He may be swayed by hanging out with a "bronner" but he's overall a good guy. If there were two guys in a car, and they saw a crime being committed and one guy in the car snitched,Bystry would NOT be the other guy in the car. A bystry usually hates condoms, shortly after losing it.
Hey, remember that guy who was a virgin? I heard Beth made a Bystry out of him.
by Not Flava August 05, 2009

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