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A complete no life nerd who thinks he's a super IT freak. Really just a piss weak geek, asshat or fucktard. Hates himself and everybody else
That loser is such a bronner. The more he says the more you know he's a fuck witted douchebag.
by Emma Chizett May 05, 2006
a big dog who runs around all day like a schizophrenic... shits everywhere and pisses/vomits on your bed and since his owner hates to clean up after him your basement ends up smelling like a god damn sewer.
Eric: brup lol did you see b-ronner? lol that dumbass just dropped a steamer on your floor...

Brupty: yeah i ain't cleanin up after that fucking idiot dog! put him and that shit in perps room.
by dummymane December 01, 2009
When your bro-in out whith the bros and your having so much fun you become aroused.
Bro 1- "yo bro, can you grab me another nattie light, i got a bro-nner and i dont want anyone to see."

Bro 2- "no problem dude, happens everytime i play gamecube."
by bromandudechill February 01, 2009
a douchebag who by his very nature is "the bad guy". He may be balding although it's uncommon to have hair as a Bronner.
He also has tendancies to do idiotic things that result in the pain of his friends. He may buy a house for instance under false pretense, and have all his friends agonizingly help him move out. Or he may crash his 4-wheeler into a mailbox and injure both him and his wife and bitch about it all day.
Who would be, "that guy"? A Bronner.
by Not Flava August 04, 2009
A group of bro's going out for dinner.
Hey man, we're doing bronner at applebees. No girlfriends allowed!
by thekidbean December 10, 2010

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