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A combination of fucked up and frustrated, indicating total ineptitude, dysfunction, and chaos. It can include a hyphenated prefix modifier to make it more specific.
This month's cashflow is deadbeat-fuxated!
The entire check out line at the grocery was fuxated when the computers went out; so I left my stuff and just went home.
by Normalblvd September 04, 2012
A combination of lesbian and psychotropic. These are situations and things that affect mental activity, behavior, or perception, as a mood-altering drug; specifically for lesbians. Examples include scented candles, "dream catchers," crystals, Winnebago RVs, K.D. Lang concerts, multi-dog households, flannel shirts and tool belts etc.
Girl, finding that dream catcher at the yard sale was lesbotropic! I've felt great all weekend!

Poor Terri is depressed... I think she needs some lesbotropic me-time with her friends at the nearby dog park.
by Normalblvd September 05, 2012
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