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1. Some older male douchebag that thinks that "liking" a show meant for younger females somehow makes them a cooler person.

2. An older male current/future pedophile that gets off to small animated ponies. They say that they watch the show to meet girls, but the thing is... only very young females actually watch the shit.
Brony: Hey guys; did you watch My Little Pony last night?
Brony 2: Haha YEAH!! it was so awesome.
Straight Guy: No I didn't watch it, and I have no plans of ever watching that lame ass shit to appease the scum of the Earth.

Straight Guy: Why is there MLP toys underneath your bed, along with tissues and hand lotion?
Brony: Oh that... it must be the cleaning lady again...
Straight Guy: Why do you also have a telescope pointed at the elementary school across the street?
Brony: I... er... might have a problem.
Straight Guy: You know what? I think I'm going to call the cops.
by NormalGuyWithNormalProblems July 18, 2012

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