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Cupecake is a person who is prone to extreme exaggerations, and loud obnoxious behavior. He is a person who make outlandish claims and repeats the same sayings constantly. His Self proclaimed achievements include :
Holding the high school track record.

Playing Triple A Baseball
Having a Second Degree Blackbelt in Ta Quan Do
Drinking a 5th of whiskey nightly
Doing enough cocaine to kill a family of elephants
Dealing more cocaine than recorded in Louisiana history.

Worked 30 years in a chemical plant
Broke a mans jaw in a single punch
Has a penis so big it hits his knee
Owns 18 rent houses
Dealt cocaine at work, which he filled his tool box with
Daughter is a doctor who live with 5 other female doctors
Was in the Italian Mafia
Know more about football than anyone alive.

All before he turn 50.
"Did that really Happen or are you being a cupcake?"
by Norco11 October 19, 2011

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