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When resen builds up on the downstem of a bubbler or a bong resembling barnacles.
Aw nasty dude! How much pot did you smoke to get those bongacles?!
by NorCal potsmoker March 18, 2009
A bubbler (weed smoking tool) with a glass on glass removable bowl piece. Sometimes they might have perculators or inline perculators which adds to the smoothness of your toke and improves the hazards of being a second filter to the water.
Dude, I got 4 ounces lets go get super baked out of your bubbler-bong!
by NorCal potsmoker March 18, 2009
When you "rail" something that usually means that you cut up something, like a pill, into a fine powder and then you snort it.
Fuck man, I can't beleive you railed a quadstack in one go!
by NorCal potsmoker March 18, 2009
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