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Choral term used to describe a boy whose voice has not yet broken, and can sing really really high. A pre-requisite to being a treble is you have to be small, annoying, and small.

See also, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Hugo.
*Squeaky voice* : Hi, my names Fred, and I like cellos!

*Choir master* : Excellent, you're the next Treble soloist!
by Noosh August 28, 2005
To laugh so hard that one ejaculates, usually all over the keyboard.
by Noosh August 28, 2005
Pronounced "Fuck-off".

1. Used to show something so incredibly immense-ified and huge-mongous, that a regular word, and indeed, two words stuck together (see above) cannot even begin to describe the subject in question.

2. Used also to describe something that is extreme, takes you aback, or over-the-top. The term is used because saying "Over-The-Top", or "OTT", makes you look like a fuck-faced loser, or an art teacher.

3. See also: "Fuck Off".

One would normally use this is a circumstance where just saying "big" would not do, and saying something like "huge-mongous" would make one look like a twat.

Origins: The Tiffin Swing Band/TATB tour to Poland, in particular, Callum and Noosh.
"That's a big fucoff steak you just ordered, Caz." (See 1.)

"Look at that fucoff pimp suit!" (See 2.)

"Fucoff, Cocksey, no-one likes you." (See 3.)
by Noosh August 28, 2005
If someone is using a skeleton and/or skeletal avatar and/or signature on a forum, or can medically be described as a skeleton, they refer to themselves as Skellingtons in the hope of a small ego boost. Also used by n00bs when trying to describe a Skeleton.

Shai: "No, Waz, I really am a Skellington."
by Noosh August 28, 2005

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