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1. A cake made from carrot gratings and walnuts.
2. The term used to describe a girl who has over excessivley fake tanned (carrot) and is wearing too much make up (cake face).
1."OMG, my mum made the best carrot-cake the other day!"
2."Oh great here comes carrot-cake, i reckon you'd need a shovel to find her face."
3."Did you see Craig making out with carrot-cake over there?"
by Noor , xx March 15, 2008
1.A cake made with walnuts and carrot gratings. Usually made by your mum or grandma.
2.The term used to decribe a cake face who has used too much fake tan.
1.OMG mum made the best carrot-cake the other day!
2.Oh greaaat, Carrot-Cake and that un-evolved ape over there are playing tonsil hockey again...
by Noor , xx March 16, 2008

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