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The ultimate troll by Japanese company Kadokawa, after a series of bad marketing, delays and misinformation related to the second Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya season, which culminated in the "Nice Boat" incident earlier this year.

They're finally giving fans the second season of Haruhi, but here's the kicker: you have to watch the same episode over and over!
"We've done great so far, but how can we fuck with our fanbase even more?"
"I know just the thing... *Cackles maniacally*"

by Nooblender July 08, 2009
How to play meat doll!

First, cover a friend in meat!
Next, tie them with kite string!
Leave them in the sun for three days!
When they're done, beat the pigeons away and play!
It's best to play meat doll when you're little. If you do it when you've grown up, your friends will be bigger too, and you'll need lots of kite string and raw meat. And if the neighbors see you, the effect will likely be lost.
by Nooblender August 19, 2009

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