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The most boring ass last name on Earth giving to one of the most craziest most fun people you will ever meet. But how the hell are you supposed to guess she's Irish with a name like that? And there is no frickin D in Rogers!!!!
"Wow, that girl is so cool."
"I know, did you know she was Irish?"
"No, I couldn't guess with a last name like Rogers"
"Yeah but her first name gives it away sometimes people call Ireland Erin."
#rogers #rodgers #crazy #fun #irish #ireland #erin
by Nonyabeeswax June 13, 2008
Best Hybrid in Runescape.. A machine, A monster just a all around pwner.
Dude you see mcquizx's new pk vid when he specs out skullator for a 32 34 dds spec
#d-rat #d_rew #quiz #mcpwner #mcquizx01
by Nonyabeeswax January 29, 2007
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