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He who commands an aircraft. Any male capable of airmanship and/or aviation.

Also known as an: ace, airman, aeronaut, aviator, birdman, eagle, flier, hotshot, jet jockey, navigator, pilot, skyman, throttle jockey, and occasionally; flyguy.
Girl: So what do you do?
Brady: I'm a pilot.
Girl: A flyboy?! {impressed}--Roger that!
by Nondeskript May 13, 2005
Pronounced "Dum-burrz", they are a variation of "numbers" necessary to complete and assignment. When one cannot figure out the correct numeric arrangement for the equation, one may utilize estimating skills and dumb-assery to create "dumberz". Thus completeing homework crappily...but punctually.
Scott: This sucks, there's not a single constant that fits here.
Ryan: Word, homie.
Scott: Screw this, UNLEASH da dumberz!!!(**proceeds to fill out furmulae with a guessed numeric variable.)
by nondeskript November 24, 2005
A student engineer's misspelling of "awkward". It is used in any computerbased context to "dumb down" superior intelligence that may be posessed by engineers and the like. Comedic value, mainly.
Mike: As I was calculating the proximodistal locus of anterior arc B-theta with reference to the tangeant of panel A....this girl from marketing gave me a strange look. It felt most aquard.
by nondeskript November 22, 2005

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