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Retrogade is a poor man's Newgrounds and is a photoshop based site. Retrogade features odd rules, like the "No voting in extremes" rule, "Retroins", the offical currency of Retrogade, and the "Moderator Elections"

It features a Message Board much like Newgrounds, and also has a "Photoshop Portal", which seems to be a play on words from the "Flash Portal" of Newgrounds.

Retrogade is pretty much the same thing as Newgrounds, except there's less people, and still pictures.
"Hey, I've deposited my experience for Newgrounds, reviewed some flashes, and posted on the BBS. Finally I can get some rest."
"But wait, have you deposited your experience for Retrogade, reviewed some photoshops, and posted on the Message Board there?"
by Nomader November 03, 2005

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