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A friendly and light-hearted way of asking 'What's on your mind?'

usually used in a conversation between close friends, not really the kind of thing you'd say to you're boss or a man of the cloth.
Dobby: What's a-bobbin in your noggin?
Harry: Voldemort :)
by NomNomPotashMcBobbinson May 13, 2011
A slightly less cool way of saying 'Hanging out with the kids'
Derived from the South-American colloquialisms.
There's never really a good time to use this in a conversation, but it will certainly lighten the mood.
Bob: Howdy Cleatus whutchya doin' down yonder?
Cleatus: I'm just chillin' with the chillun'
by NomNomPotashMcBobbinson May 13, 2011
Sweaty, dirty fingers, inferring that the persons hands are unclean and sticky.
Example 1:
Bella: Get you're smitty fingers off me!
George: :(

Example 2:
Bill: *slaps hand away* keep you're smitty fingers away from my easter egg!
by NomNomPotashMcBobbinson May 13, 2011

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