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Sketchy comes from skateboarding when somebody lands a trick bad and mabye wobble or weave about, some other meanings are simalar when someone is doing something not right or not well
1) That skater's tre flip (skate trick) was so sketchy
2) Sebastian is so sketchy at sports (if u look at Sebastian Touch at QPCS playing sports he is so shit
#nollie fs 720 gazzelle (double bigspin) -nollie 1 foot fs 540 shuvit x2 -360 fingerflip -360 flip x2 -540 double flip/540 double underflip x2 -old school flip late fakie frontside bigspin -varial heelflip -900 1 foot railspin -rail 360 ballerina spin(?) 180 pivot out -nollie fs 360 flip -bigfingerflip pivot -fakie 540 truckstand -fakie pivot impossible -kickflip underflip wedge gap -casper 360 flip out -44.5 inch ollie (danny wainright) -fakie 360 pivot impossible -halfcab kickflip underflip (gets cut off early) -nollie backfoot pressure 1/2 flip 3/2 underflip (laggy) -nosemanual nollie impossible on shopping cart -kickflip underflip -5760 nosepivot/16 spins (yes i counted)hah -3/2 flip casper shuv it out -casper 360 flip out -casper down roll in -darkslide -fs crook 2 benches -half cab crook -front crooks -kickflip over bench -fs nosegrind bench -half cab crook 180 out -nosegrind bench kickflip out -nose manual nollie flip nosemanual -wrap around switch casper #casper transfer #casper varial flip #shuv it out -fs shuv nosegrind -bs half cab heelflip -nosegrind 180 -half cab crook 180 out -nosestop to heelside rail varial flip to hs rail #nollie varial triple railflip to hs railstand to twisted triple flip out -1 handed handstand flip to hs rail #casper shuvit casper #shuvit out -tre flip to nosemanual down bank -fakie flip down 9 stair set -nollie inward heelflip gap -nollie inward heel nosemanual -fakie varial heel flip nosemanual -fs shuvit bs nosegrind -360 double underflip -darkslide -kickflip nosemanul nollie flip out -switch varial heelflip nosemanual btw #this copy is leagal to upload #because bmth gave premmision to every1 who want to download it or publish it. 360 flip 360 shovit 5-0 50-50 50-50 switch out backside lipslide backside nosegrind backside tailslide bluntslide boardslide frontside boardslide frontside boardslide to shovit frontside laidback powerslide half cab hardflip heelflip k-grind kickflip kickflip to noseslide manual nollie crooked grind nollie flip nosebone nosegrind noseslide ollie pop shovit salad grind streetplant tailslide to fakie flip dc etnies adio baker zero or die darkstar deck truck bearing wheels almost element mike valley chad muska rodney mullen tony hawk transworld magazine ea game xbox360 pressure flip late fs shuvit ; siyoun spin ; fs varial heel-side pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 heelflip ; 360 flip ; 360 hospital flip ; no-comply impossible late flip ; bs 180 nollie back foot impossible ; nollie pressure 1/2 flip late back foot 1/2 flip bs body varial ; pressure flip late flip ; switch chef salad ; nollie fs shuvit underflip varial ; switch front foot impossible ; front foot impossible late shuvit ; switch 360 kiwi flip to pivot ; plasma spin revert ; fs varial heel-side pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 flip ; late back foot varial flip ; lala flip ; varial 1/2 kickflip late fs varial front foot 1/2 flip ; 1/2 heelflip late back foot 1/2 flip bs body varial ; nollie pressure 1/2 flip late varial back foot 1/2 flip ; no-comply 360 flip late back foot underflip ; nollie 540 kiwi flip ; fakie big spin underflip ; fakie fs varial heel-side pressure flip to pivot ; tinky-winky ; pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 flip fs body varial ; switch pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 flip fs body varial ; switch pop shove-it late flip fs body varial ; nollie shove-it late varial flip ; nollie fs shove-it late varial heelflip ; featherflip ; fs shuvit underflip ; fs impossible ; heelflip late bs shuvit ; nollie pop shove-it late fs shuvit ; switch plasma spin ; fs shuvit late flip ; switch late fs shuvit ; pop shove-it late fs shove-it ; switch 1/2 heel-side pressure flip late big spin nosecasperflip ; fakie fs varial heel-side pressure flip revert ; fs varial front foot underflip ; 1/2 heelflip late front foot 1/2 flip ; switch impossible revert ; nollie back foot impossible ; fs 180 front foot impossible ; nollie late flip ; nollie big spin late flip ; fakie big spin late flip ; nollie fs shuvit late flip ; bs heelflip to pivot ; switch 360 underflip fs body varial ; late flip ; fs 180 heel-side pressure flip ; nollie plasma spin ; plasma spin ; bs 360 nollie heelflip ; varial 1/2 kickflip late front foot 1/2 flip ; switch impossible fs body varial ; nollie fs big spin late flip ; switch fs big spin feeble smith 5-0 540 1080 front side flip back
by Nolosk8s March 17, 2009

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