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1 definition by NoirDame.com

Old Time Radio.

Old Time Radio is a nickname for the popular radio entertainments that began broadcasting in the early 1920s and continued through until the early 1960s.

The most famous Old Time Radio broadcast is Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre broadcast of "The War of the Worlds."

While people continue to listen to radio drama, also known as audio drama, which is also produced today by modern performers for radio, podcasts and audio discs, OTR refers specifically to the old-style broadcasts created in the past.
I love OTR, especially shows like "Jack Benny," "X Minus 1" and "Dragnet" - they still sound good after all these years!

Have you heard that "Red Panda" podcast, the one that Roger Ebert mentioned in his column, and it won those awards -- it's kind of done in an OTR style, isn't it?
by NoirDame.com December 29, 2010
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