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1. In a video game - Someone who constantly circles around the map in search of a weakened foe, stealing other players kills as much as possible with a terminal shot.
2. Someone who takes the last of something.
1. After waiting for the right moment to vulture, John swooped down, spraying the vicinity of the weakened enemies with lead. A few shots was enough to kill a group of weakened players. He then received the Vulture Spree award.
2. After eying the serving plate, John vultured the last of the shrimp -- before anyone else could get any.
by NodenWIRE April 19, 2009
In video games, most commonly Gears Of War, to kill or down someone in a cheap way.
"I am going to Jew him down with an active reload sniper."
by NodenWIRE April 25, 2007

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