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Expression used after the description and/or mention of an occurrence disgusting, foul, irrelevant, inconceivable, witty and/or random. Probably relates to an impossible or extremely gross pornographic scenario. Can be used occasionally with the family, but only if they're hella chill. Often quipped during an adolescent conversation about actual porn, but can range in topic choice. A poignant and lyrical way to respond to and outdo a remark. Can be translated into "n0w, 1h@1'5 b@d pr0n" if you so choose it, 1337 boi. Variations can render the phrase in the present, past, and future tenses. If delivered correctly, "now, that's bad porn" can send children, teen and adult alike into a spiraling path of laughter, but even a great delivery with comic brilliance can get you into a shitload of trouble. Take caution, and use wisely.
Person 1- Dude, last night, my buddy Ryan told me how he once screwed this chick while she was hanging upside down tied to a rope from the garage ceiling, and she was like gagged and lubed up and then she fell on her head cuz the lube made her slip out from the rope! Lololoolool
Person 2- Now, that's bad porn.

Maggie Ignoramus- Have you heard about that thing called 2girls1cup?
Matt Witticism- Oh god, now, THAT'S bad porn.
by Noc-t November 21, 2010
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