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Describes a person or thing that is of or pertains to lesbianism, but has a more positive connotation than lesbionic.
Girl 1: *points* Is she a lesbian?
Girl 2: Are you kidding me? *smiles* She's lesbolicious!
#lesbolicous #lesbolisious #dykeadellic #dykalicious #lesbian #lesbionic
by Nobody 08 August 11, 2008
An open homosexual (or gay person) who takes on the responsibility of answering a new gay or questioning person's questions about GLBT related topics. Derived from the japanese word 'sensei' meaning 'teacher'.
GUY 1: "Dude, I didn't know they were friends."
GUY 2: "They weren't, until the older one became the younger one's homo-sensei."
#glbt #gay #lesbian #homosexual #homosensei
by Nobody 08 April 11, 2009
When an object or situation fails to excite, leaving the pulse unchanging.
GUY 1: Dude! Check out this sweet Star Wars bobblehead!
GUY 2: That is so nonpulse.
GUY 1: I thought it was cool....
#non pulsed #non-pulsed #nonplussed #boring #exctiting
by Nobody 08 January 25, 2009
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