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1 definition by NobleBeats&TheRealFamousKid

Something Being Fucking Dope

Used To Describe Something Being Great, Awesome, or Amazing. A Level Past Dope (Something Being Good Or Cool). Fope.

Can Be Anything Paticularly.

A Skateboard Trick. A Song. A Movie. Based God...
Did you Hear That New Track By Drake? (Me)
Yea That Was So Fope Son. (Famous)

Yo That New Tyler The Creator Track Fope Dude. (Guy 1)
Yessir. (Guy 2)

Did You See His Tre Flip? (Guy 1)
Yea That Was Soo Fope. (Guy 2)
by NobleBeats&TheRealFamousKid October 11, 2011