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The stereotype of a lesbian, ie; short hair, flannel shirt, frumpy, drives a Subaru Outback, hates men and yet wants to be a man, and is generally unattractive to either sex. This definition excludes the lipstick variety, as well as cool Bi chicks.
Look honey, those lesbotrons are remodeling their house again.
by NoahD March 06, 2006
1) Ridiculous, unhelpful, mischievious or corrupt behavior.
2) Something that is bullshit, whether by being false or generally detremental.
3) Basically the kind of behavior or actions you would expect from a buttpipe or an idiot.
My mechanic tried to sell me a bunch of parts that I didn't need because he thought I wouldn't know better, man that is total buttpipety.
by NoahD March 19, 2006

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