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Radar Device For Retards. Lights start A-Flashin' and Buzzers start A-Buzzin' when a TARD comes within 50 feet.
I took the Tar-Dar to Wal-Mart but had to turn it off because every 10 seconds the damn thing kept causin' quite a ruckus!
by NoLKo October 28, 2006
Someone who is annoying, stupid, smells, acts like an asshole, dresses in clothes from the 80's, drives too fast on my road, and tries to jew me down on my yardsale prices.
I am getting so sick and tired of all of these tards in my life. Where in the hell did I put my Tar-Dar?
by NoLKo October 28, 2006
When a female gives a male the equivalent of a Roman Soldier using a Strap-On Dildo and surprising him with it in the middle of the night.
You should have seen the expression on my husband's face when I gave him that Joan of Arc! He almost started running assholes to elbows!!!
by NoLKo October 28, 2006

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