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A rather obscure male with an even more obsurely large chin that seems to come second in everything. Has a tendency to be so good at maths he beat asians in his maths class. Enjoys such pastimes as rowing and rugby although his chin inhibits his ability to be adept at either. Suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome although makes up for it by taking performance enhancing drugs. This particular breed of males find it hard to perform in other areas due to the problems with their groin. Smiling at rather inappropriate times, gribbles make everyone around them feel incomfortable. This is enhanced by their smell, which can be parelleled with a thousand stink bombs compressed into a square inch. By muttering useless gibberish, gribble's confuse and confound their prey before striking with their deadly chins. Although this gibberish can be closely related to the english language, it is in fact, just random words strung together forming no particular meaning. Gribbles, being rather hostile by nature, enjoy watching porn and eating chicken at an asian teammates house. However, gribbles are dangerous as chintitis IS contagious, avoid at all costs.
Sam has been turning into a gribble lately, look at his grotesque chin.
by No.1 May 16, 2006

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