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Her Most Royal Majesty obviously has a low IQ. This is proved by her ridiculous definition.

1) The English language and French language are different. There is no possible way you could compare the two. Our language was great until you Americans butchered it.

2) I'm not really bothered if I get called English or British. Why don't you get over being called "yanks".

3) You don't really have the right to call it anything other than football. We invented it and we play it better. Go play baseball or something.

4) You guys think you're so heroic because you joined in the last year. You guys wouldn't be brave enough to stick up for countries like Poland.

5) What would you rather be doing? Living in a house, watching TV and be playing video games. Or living in a tipi, eating buffalo and watching the fire? That's what you would be doing if we hadn't shown up.

6) What do you care? You're just another typical, unintelligent yank (Oops, sorry. I meant American).

7) Majesty claims "I'm sure they were very happy to see Europeans coming to take their land." Read number 5.

Majesty is a fine example of why we Brits believe the Yanks to be a lower form of life.

Examples of England vs America,

1) Complaining because you know for a fact that if it wasn't for us, there'd be no America.
2) We invented it, shut up. Manchester United and Chelsea could hammer (beat by a large amount) any American "team".
3) Americans not being able to stop bitching about how we lost our colonies (we put up a good fight, lol).
England vs America, who wins? You decide!

(I vote for England)
by Nitrokausion May 08, 2008

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