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Generally white,middle class British teenagers who are the suburban equivalent of townies!Only they pretend to be so 'cool' and 'retro'.The boys wear stupid jeans,t-shirts and style their hair like a mullet or with loads of hightlights.The whores(I mean girls) are similar,and they too use so much fucking highlights.

They only follow mainstream crap(eg read FHM,eat/drink at Starbucks,listen to the Darkness,etc).
Ooh that's so cool and trendy.We're fucking conformist cunts but we don't even know it!
by Nite July 26, 2004
Horribly predicatable 'teen drama' full of the typical dime-a-dozen Causcasian jocks and bimbos.

Dawson's Creek was bad enough,but this one actually outshines it when it comes to shitty characters,wooden acting and cliched storylines.
This show is no different from any other American teen drama.Hence it equals crap!

Try somethin' new.
by Nite March 20, 2005
extra good looking and funny guy. often mistaken for drew carey.
Look over there! It's Drew Carey! No it isn't; it's kiwi.
by nite November 10, 2003
The epitome of the young unintelligent female demographic.Generally considered the All American Girls,although they are stupid and unreal females!
"Super-fun"-Elle Woods
by Nite August 03, 2003
Mediocre female rapper who is often mistaken for a clown(red hair).She belongs to Murder Stink alongside the wanksta Ja Rule,talentless BITCH Ashanti and Ass-hole Irv Gotti.

She will never have an album out.Jealous of Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim!
50 Cent disses her.
by Nite August 04, 2003
Laughing my tail off, the furry variation to LMAO
<Nite> My processor's a bloody 255 MHz cyrix :P
<Chris> lmto
by Nite May 05, 2004
The inventors of modern R&B!

Greatest female group EVER.No other girl group can ever touch the class these 3 girls are in.

RIP Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.
4 amazing albums,loads of Grammy's,Millions of albums sold,great inspirations!
by Nite January 24, 2004

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