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A fight between two people. Usually intense. Same thing as a bishfight, but spelt with the normal spelling.

Can be physical or verbal.
Maddy: Hey Steph, did you see that huge bitchfight between Nikki and Michelle? It lasted for all of lunch! They were really mad...

Steph: No, I didn't! Dang, I should have been there. Would have been funny. :P But I guess I'd feel sorry for whoever was on the raw end of the stick. Major de-rep points. Half the school wouldn't talk to her again!
by Nisky November 06, 2007
A (usually intense) fight between two people, usually women. Two or more bitches fighting, most likely verbally.

The first section of this compound word (bish) is a commonly used form of the word bitch, which pretty much means the same thing. Spelt properly, it is a bitchfight.
Marco: Hey man, did you see Sarah and Kate yesterday? It was a total bishfight!

Ken: Whoa, you mean I missed it? Must have been intense, knowing those two.
by Nisky November 06, 2007
Very similar to :3, except it (the chibi cat) has a battery on its head. The number of lines inside the battery suggests how full it is.

For example, "{ |||}:3" would suggest that the battery is half full.
Mark: S:3. Elvis cat!

Jane: Pfft. My battery cat is better. {||||||}:3.
by Nisky November 01, 2007

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