3 definitions by Nirvana_9

a. one of the best f---ing bands ever in existence

b. freedom from suffering

c. a state of mind in which worldly possesions and suffering are no longer in existance
Kurt Cobain, the frontman for the band Nirvana, decided on the name Nirvana because it means freedom from suffering.
by Nirvana_9 April 22, 2003
actually, it's pwxyz to the 12th power, but I can't exactly do that. It's a flightless bird that's black and white. It lives in icy weather.
Pwxyz12s are awsome
by Nirvana_9 April 22, 2003
a monkey-like animal with big eyes
I love lzq9's
by Nirvana_9 April 22, 2003

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