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to get "messed up" "fucked up" or "screwed over" by some one that is usually not friendly
1.man Kyle you just got nigga'd
i know right.
2.oh shit steve you just nigga'd him with your shot gun.
yea cause im pro at halo 3
3.dam zac your getting nigga'd all day
yea i know these niggas are crazy at COD!
4.Hey Tabby and Zach did you watch that fight.
yea Alex Sean got nigga'd hella
by niqqad March 16, 2010
To say Bling excessively to empathize its meaning to bling bling(which is a term to really nice gold/jewelry)
dang look at lakeeshas bling
yea its like blingblingbling!
by Niqqad March 16, 2010

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