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a crackhead that has absolutely no idea where he/she is headed in life so they tend to pick on people for no appearant reason.
Jimmy, stop being such an anon, do something with your life and stop being jealous of ninoska!
by Ninoska;] November 23, 2007
-Whore of the female descent, whom tends to sleep around and contract std's.
-When you think you have an std
-When you think you may be pregnant
-Compulsive liar
-A bitch whom can never be trusted
-A woman of very low class, whom show little to no respect for those around her
my god, why does she have to act like such an amanda, she steals everyone's boyfriend?

that amanda girl lies so much! but why?

my girlfriend had an amanda the other day. thank the lord it was only an amanda, i thought i was about to pay child support for the next 18 years...wheww. what a scare.
by Ninoska;] November 23, 2007

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