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A subspecies of humanoid-like creatures that have pale white pelts and often have large tufts of black hair covering most of their bodies.
Emos, also 'Emo Kids', have very lonely, whiney personalities. Emo Kids have a strong tendency to cry even when the slightest mishap affects their daily lives. Sometimes, once in a blue moon, an Emo Kid may turn aggressive because of this. It is best to stay away from an Emo Kid, because one of these two things will happen if you don't:
a) The Emo Kid will rip you to shreds with it's vampiric teeth and it's Freddy Krouger claws. (This is extremely rare. Often, aggressive Emos are called Goth. It's a very common misconception that all emos are goths, but this is very untrue.)
b) This is the more common one. You too will dye your hair black, wear tight-fitting clothing, and listen to fake wannabe bands like My Chemical Romance.
Now, if you do want to stay away from Emo Kids, here is what to look out for:
. Snow White skin.
. Most Emos have either no eyes or only one eye. Look out for this the most.
. Black hair.
. Tight jeans.
. Tons of mascara and eyeliner. Sometimes, glitter and red eyeshadow may also be involved.
. A black shirt that says something faggish such as 'I don't love you.'
. Black boots.
. A tie. Most female Emos own one.
. Hm. Sometimes, Emos may be wearing arm socks, but telling you to stay away from people in arm socks is a little over the edge. I myself wear arm socks, but I hate Emo Kids. xD
. Lots of crying. Emo Kids are very emotional. Therefore, Emo Kids should cry almost every hour on the hour. Emo Kids cry at every single thing, even happy things that happen to them.
. The last and final thing. This would be: Cuts down the wrist and sometimes even on the legs. Most Emos hide such things, but if you are very sharp-eyed, you will notice such things right away. Emo Kids are horrible liars.

And always keep in mind that Emo Kids may think that their lives are horrible, but they probably live in nice houses with a pool and have a large family. Do not be fooled, and this subspecies will not tamper your normal life. =D

See also: The reason the world's future is going down the drain.

Normal person: Don't be such a wreck, it's 82 degrees outside.
by Ninjakitty February 15, 2008
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