1 definition by NillaChic848

Bitch Ass Nigga
An individual (a black male) who possesses the overall qualities of a bitch. He is an unwanted, annoying nuisance that tends to get on the nerves of those around him. Every other word out of their mouth is bullshit and even he knows it. He is also never funny and will eventually come to the realization he will never, ever get any pussy...ever.
Girl 1: Wow. I can't believe that B.A.N. actually tried to use that corny ass pick-up line on me.

Girl 2: Idk where he thought he was goin wearin a button down shirt, Jeans, and army boots. Ugh. B.A.N.s make me wanna vomit.
by NillaChic848 February 24, 2012

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