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A person who should never even work at Pizza Hut, let alone be our President. He deserves to die the deaths of all the people he killed: i.e the soldiers, Iraqis, Afghans, and the rest of the world. He is a stubborn jack-ass and is retarded because he tries to change 300 year old laws that are the founding laws of the US. He also kills thousands for oil. HE also kills brothers. Stole the 2004 and 2000 elecetions by bribery.
Hey! somebody shoot that guy! he's George W. Bush!
by Nilab January 31, 2005
a common name for a boy named Frank who loves to play XboX and hack compuers. Also, smells like colonge. Usually, when you see one, they are very fun and energetic
"Hey, look! It's a Frankito!"
by Nilab January 28, 2005
A smart, pretty girl who can really kick ass. She likes to kick fat people's asses that talk a lot of $h!t. A cool person in general.
Hey look! Its tati kickin that fat girls ass!
by Nilab April 06, 2005
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