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Refers to "Tippin' On My Dick", a new alternative way to saying LMAO or LOL.
Yea, I saw it coming. I was Tomd!!
by NikesOnMyFeet November 15, 2010
When you fuck a girl so fast she cums before you
Kyle:How was your night with Kate?

Havoc:It was weird she came before me.

Kyle:Chicago Lightning?

Havoc:Chicago Lightning.
by Nikesonmyfeet June 08, 2014
When an African-American ejaculates
Sarah:Hey so how was last night with Trey

Mikayla:It was chill, i swallowed his Oreo creme

Sarah:Getttt itttttt
by Nikesonmyfeet June 03, 2014
When a girl with stitches like a softball sits on your dick
William:Did you see Kayla's stitches?

Marco:Ya i saw then when she was bouncin on my dick last night.

William: Softball dick, niiice.
by Nikesonmyfeet May 29, 2014
Smoking a full pack of cigarettes when they're lined in a row
Micah:Haha look i'm smoking a clip

Kylah:Save some for me i haven't smoked all day
by Nikesonmyfeet June 03, 2014
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