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Someone that likes black people; a nigger-lover.
Kevin's acting like a total nigmatic, he won't stop stealing shit from the kitchen.
by Nigmatic September 18, 2007
The sound a nigger makes when he/she laughs; similar to a giggle only a more primitive laugh like one of a monkey or baboon.
Tyrone niggled with joy when he saw that KFC had the 20-piece on sale. Much to his dismay though his welfare check hadn't come in, leaving him with an empty wallet and stomach as usual.
by Nigmatic November 21, 2007
The best rapper ever. Akon did in fact go to JAIL. He was charged with armed robbery and drug distribution charges. Later on he served a three-year sentence for grand theft auto.
If you're going to hate on Akon get your fucking facts straight.
by Nigmatic August 25, 2007

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