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1 definition by Nicoleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehghjyu

1. A word used to describe a man who is attracted to other men rather than women, or a women that is attracted to other woman rather than men.

2. A word that is often used as a simile to "stupid" when in reality it in fact does not mean stupid, it means homosexual. Many people get very offended when gay is used in the terms to describe something other then homosexual or happy, inperticularly homosexuals themselves.

3. Happy
1. Guy: I think I am gay. I am very sexually attracted to men.

2. Guy 1: Yo, dude, Joe's stole my ipod. WTF?
Guy 2: Dude, so gay. What a fag.

3. I'm in a very gay mood right now. I just feel so happy and cheery!
by Nicoleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehghjyu February 13, 2009