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Usually this person will do anything to impress people, as pathetic as that is. Often, these follower types will target one or two people to be their "idols" this is not a good idea, these people will start to dislike you even more. None of this behavior is going to make you "cool."
All of you Followers/Loners/Social Misfits/Whatever you perfer: "impressing" people usually gets you no where, if no one likes you there are other ways to get noticed besides pissing people. If you are smart you'll be greatful for the few people who give you the time of day and not project this annoying and sad behavior on them.
by Nicole AC May 01, 2005
The smallest High School in the area. By the time you graduate you are sick of everyone because you either a) had more than 4 classes with them since grammer school b) you know their entire background and why they are the way they are, and they know your entire background c) you've hooked up or dated them or everyone d) there is no avoiding these people, you will bump into them almost anywhere, because they are always searching for new people to hang out with just as you are.
a number of the students there reside in Belle Terre, come on guys, drop the thug life theme, you live in a gated community with their own private police.
Also we know that you are not that tough if you have to be a member of the PJ country club because of the town you live in.
by Nicole AC April 29, 2005
What i would like to call, "Port Jeff Station"
dont raise your kids there
by Nicole AC April 29, 2005
Something that all humans with no other interests can share. Something shallow and familiar that people can experience with one another.
not always a good thing- sorry
by Nicole AC May 01, 2005

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