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When a guy convinces a girl to go down on him and when she pulls it out, he pisses in her face.
"Jane smelled like urine after Tarzan gave her a golden ambush"
by Nicky NOTORIOUS March 22, 2004
nice uniform, bad helmet.
(Just like the NFL football team, the Bengles)

A term used to describe a girl that has a nice body, but a "less than desireable" face.
"You see that girl over there, shes got a nice ass... its too bad she's such a bengle!"
by Nicky NOTORIOUS March 22, 2004
When a couple is having sex doggy style and the guy pulls out and acts like he "accidentally" puts it in her ass.
-girl- "He tried to one up me last night, but I'm not down with anal sex"


-guy- "We were a little drunk so i figured i'd go for the one up... but she wasn't a fan."
by Nicky NOTORIOUS March 22, 2004
used when apologetically expressing that you've done something wrong.

interchangeable with "my bad"
" I left the chicken in the oven too long, ma boo."
by Nicky NOTORIOUS March 22, 2004
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