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Barstool sports is a blog based in Boston, MA and is run by Dave Portnoy aka El Pres. The site is designated "For the common man, by the common man" and its posts are influenced by New England sports but are not central to this one theme. For every story that involves the Patriots, there is one that involves cankles. For every update on the Red Sox hot stove, there is an update on the newest teacher sex scandal. El Pres is no stranger to controversy, and when i say controversy i mean ugly girls emailing him about what a pig he is. Everyday on the blog, a local smokeshow is featured. And if you do not know what that is, you obviously were searching for this definition of barstool ("A woman who is sexually penetrated by 3 men at the same time, that is vaginally, anally, orally.") Other dedications inside the blog include but are not limited to, funny videos, guess that ass, reader emails, and basically anything else that is vital for the survival of another workday or school day.
"Dear El Pres,

How can i be just like you?

-Dan Shaughnessy"

-Jealous Bitch: "You should burn in hell you pig, real beauty is on the inside, it is not these girls in skanky outfits you keep posting on your site"
-El Pres: "Is this your way of asking me to be featured in the cankle section of barstool sports?"

-Nick: "Yo steve you read the stool today?"
-Steve: "Yessir chalk up another smokeshow for UNH"
by Nicky Killa Bee B March 25, 2010
To steal, also to rob without mercy, pretty much anything can be jump-jacked, basically the limit is a rocket ship, the U.S.S. constitution was known to be jump-jacked from the harbor by four kids on a field trip to Salem, Ma.(It was so badass) Although, people who jump-jacked from the general store were very lame and felt the wrath of THE RICK G.Usual spots for jump-jacking include Dick's and people's gym lockers.
1."Yo dude, did you hustle that twenty bucks from your mom?"

"yeah, it was like jump-jacking candy from a baby"

2."So Steve, what did you and Alex while you closed at Market Basket?"

"Well first we DILDAR-ed, Shelagged each other, Glynthed it, and then jump-jacked all the cash from the register"
by Nicky killa bee B March 09, 2008
The spanish -ar verb "To Dildo" often heard on the streets of Mexico to describe the mexicana chiquitas late night activities..due to an influx of immigrants the verb has made its way into the english language...it is never a good thing to be "dildaring" or "dildando" though many famous people have Dildar-ed in the past
1.)"Yo, you see that kid driving a purple saturn and emoing it?"

"ya man whats up with him today, he seems to dildar it all the time after he started working at market basket"

2.)"Quieres dildar en la playa con Alejandro y yo? dildamos todos los dias"
by Nicky killa bee B February 27, 2008
Can also be used in the form of 'glynthe-ing' it. To Glynthe is one of the most enjoyable activities across the pond in ye olde England. First coined when King George the Third decided to wage war on the american colonies for being "so not glynthe" the grand master of Glynthe now resides in the US performing many mentoring and Big Brother of the local YMCA activities

"So what did you and steve do yesterday?"

"Ah..nothing, just went home and Glynthed it for a little while and ate some spotted dick"
by Nicky killa bee B February 28, 2008
A fictional comic book town inspired by the south boston-jamaica plain region of Massachusetts. Much similar to Gotham City. Whitey McGlofflin runs the show here, he fronts as a "no-care" english teacher while actually being a blackmarket kingpin for Novels of both the fiction and non fiction variety. His henchmen include Rattimus and AParxKilla The town was founded in the 1600's by the irish refugees who fled ireland. These refugees fled due to their small size, they were such tiny men that they were mistaken for potatoes during the Ye Olde Potato Famine.
Tim-"Dude i think that potato just tried to hit me"

Nick-"Nah dont worry bout that, its just Whitey McGlofflin on another one of his rampages, apparently someone ripped off his bootleg collection of "A Doll's House". Welcome to McGloff City.
by Nicky Killa Bee B July 06, 2009

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