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Emos are sad little shits who infact should cheer up and cut their fringe cos its facking gay. Dont any of you moron say your individual cos all emos i see look like there related e.g. same hair same clothes same shoes same attitude (think there good by actin clever infront of there emo girls. Me im not a Chav or a goth allthough i do get called goth alot even though i dont wear black and im never depresed, most people call me mosher and there lot better than Emo scum. Wipe that make up off your eyes you idiots you shunt cry even if you get facking problems look on bright side! Cut ya hair and stop listening to that shit music really! Arctic monkeys, Milburn, Klaxons! there facking shizzle get some proper music you follow the majority to much.
A Couple of emos.
Tom: Hey look Dannys got some new converse and a stripy jacket!

Ben: Ive got to get some to there right cool!

Tom: Hey i bought that new Klaxons album it good to.

Ben: im gonna get it to just cos you got it.

Ben: Then im gonna cry to it because i got nowt better to do.
by Nicksmithy March 28, 2007

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