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1 definition by Nickelback-pwns

okay, before I explain what Nickelback really is I wanna tell the fags who think they are cool/funny by saying stupid meaningless shit about the band are losers and should fine something better to do with their lives besides writing shitty descriptions and jerking off on their computer screen

Nickelback: A band that origiginated from Hanna,Alberta,Canada. They are a blend of hard rock with a slight bit of country music for their sound, their front man is Chad Kroeger who does not have a nasal voice or sound like hes constapated, he has a deep rough voice which alot of people like and that is why Nickelback is one of the biggest bands today. People can try and tell u Nickelback sucks all the time it doesnt matter, it is ur choice whether u like them or not. so dont let the little faggots below tell u anything different, u either like them or u dont. and for the guy who said there guitaring is simple and it is easy to do he also needs to take this into consideration, most of the guitaring in todays song are simple, some people like it and some people dont so plz just get a life.
Some good songs you can download to decide if u like Nickelback are, Someday, How you remind me, rockstar,figured you out, Savin me, Next Contestand, leader of men and saturday nights alright for fighting (featuring Kid rock)
by Nickelback-pwns October 06, 2007