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A Roman Emperor that most historians believe to have been the cause of the burning of nearly half of Roman, while playing the fiddle as it was set a flame. Nero is often blamed as one of the suspects because of his dream to reconstruct Rome for his new urbanization development plan.

Nero originially blamed the fire on the Christians, having many killed and crucified, but years later, changed it to the Jews.

In his later years, he lived a life of hiding against rebel areas, and committed suicide right in front of the would be assassin sent to kill him from the Preatorian Guard.

The code name for Nero was "666" commonly misused as to be the number representing the Devil.

In some religions though, it is believed that during his time as emperor, Nero was possessed by a demon which convinced him to burn down the city.

Also, in the story of Emily Rose, the girl possessed by demons, as seen in the movie, the demon that inhabited inside of Nero appeared inside of Emily, along with 5 other demons, one including Lucifer(Satan).

Nero, most commonly known as, "The Emperor who fiddled as Rome burned."
by Nickdude43 April 27, 2007

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