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Someone who is a true niqqa and likes to think of himself as little bill. This guy is always trying to meet new people, but the opposite happens, people start to to talk to him because he has so much swag
You see Clyde walking
Other Guy: Little Biiiiiiiiill!!!
by NickJorge January 19, 2013
A straight up bawla that is amazing at every sport. He is the one with the most assists on every team of every sport, and he can score too. This is one of those people that are one of a kind, and will always mind fuck you with everything he says. He is also super tall and makes awesome jokes. Also whenever you beat him at anything he will say it was luck, but the one time he beats you he will go crazy saying that he is amazing and that you suck.
You see Claudio
Me: Hey did you see my nasty goal yesterday?
Claudio: It was good.... But not as good as my three nasty assits!!!
by NickJorge January 20, 2013

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