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Seeing if you still got it
Dude tanner and i were Bret Farvin' last night at ODU, i don't think anyone realized we were 25.
by Nick865 November 26, 2007
when you do something so terrible at your place of employement that, when you come in the next day, there has been a memo put out to all employees specifically banning whatever it is you did the previous day.
Nick: did you see that memo about not using paper towels as toilet paper
Darby: Yea i clogged the toilet yesterday
Nick: hahaha...memowned!
by nick865 September 25, 2007
Awesome jam band at ODU that plays local bars. Has talent way beyong the scope of even their most loyal fans. Derives there inspiration and sound from the fairy -tale like like of one of their boob friends named darby.
Nick: The dangerous darbys are playin the tap house this friday

Girls #1 -18 : oh awesome! i'll def be there, i love the dangerous darbys
by nick865 February 15, 2008
Multiple Anal Orgasim Inhibitor
If you take MAO inhibitors, consult your physicain before using many of todays commericals drugs, some whose commericals play regularly on television.
by Nick865 November 02, 2007
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