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3 definitions by Nick.Nizzle

A very complex sexual maneuver in which the male partner eats out the female. While going down on the girl, you begin to finger her. After the girl gets into it, you give her "the shocker," (use two fingers in the pussy and the pinky in the ass). The girls bucks up out of suprise and you hook your fingers in her mouth. Upon doing this, your friend jumps out of the closet with a camera and snaps a quick photo. Hence, bagging a Marlin.
Dude, some girl called the cops on me after I pulled a Marlin. I've got the photo on my fridge.
by Nick.Nizzle January 21, 2007
42 11
An girl so skanky to the point where she almost looks dirty and grimy in appearance. Probobly has herpes or extreme acne due to lack of hygene and sexual irresponsibility.
Dude, cabin wench just talked to me. I gotta take a shower as soon as I get home from school.
by Nick.Nizzle October 17, 2007
9 5
When a girl is giving you head to a girl who doesn't swallow and you blow your load in her mouth. You then hold her mouth shut and all the sperm will come out of her nose.
I gave my girl friend a snow blower yeserday. It was kick ass.
by Nick.Nizzle January 21, 2007
12 26