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The private pubic area located in the nether region of the female body Down Town.
With a wink, she asked if he was going "Down Town" on her vagina later.
by Nick-o June 15, 2007
(Noun) The act of digitally penetrating ones partners' anus (and/or rectum) while under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotic(s) under the pretense that it is in-fact the "partners'" vagina yielding a brown ring-like stain encompassing the radius of the offending finger.
"Dude....I totaly "finger banged" Justine last night just before I passed out!!! But when I woke up..... I HAD A FUCKING SMEAGOL!!!!!" GROSSSS!! IT STINKS LIKE YOUR MOM!!!
by Nick-o August 07, 2008

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