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A 1979 cult classic film derived from the book The Warriors by Sol Yurick about gangs in New York. The gang leader of the largest gang in the city ((gang= The Riffs) (leader= Cyrus)) calls an incline truce between all of the gangs in New York and sets a meeting of many of the major and smaller time gangs. Cyrus speaks about joining all of the gangs together to form one single gang and attempt to take over the city. At the meeting, Cyrus is assasinated by Luther, the leader of a gang called the Rouges and the Warriors are framed. The Warriors have to then make it all the way back to their turf, Coney Island and avoid being killed or captured by enemy gangs trying to find The Warriors for big Reputation.
"Holy shit, its The Warriors!"
by Nick-- November 06, 2006
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