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term used by pirate mp3 collectors for 320kbps (highest quality) mp3s.
dave : "hey man, you got that new playhouse release?"
jim : "yeah, it's shared buddy, help yourself"
dave : "threnty?"
jim : "always man, always"
by Nick Flanagan October 24, 2007
keeeel : something said to somebody who is annoying you.
Arkayna : stfu or I'll keeeeel you Elwin.
by Nick Flanagan September 06, 2007
A prostitute or a slut.
Dave : "Who did you screw last night?"
John : "Some brabag"
Dave : "ugh"
by Nick Flanagan November 08, 2007
Excellent, amazing, best quality, fantastic. Taken from the word Threnty meaning highest quality mp3 available (320kbps).
John: "got any weed man?"
Tom: "yeah man, you need some?"
John: "is it any good?"
Tom: "Fuck yeah, it's threntin man, totally threntin"
by Nick Flanagan November 14, 2007
to eat quickly. to eat like a jazz drummer; head down both hands moving quickly up and down.
Tim : "How's lunch man?"
John : "Good, didn't you see, I was going at it like a jazz drummer"
by Nick Flanagan December 08, 2007
the state obtained from not consuming narcotics, due to lack of availability or lack of interest, however, consumption of alcohol may have occurred.
John: "You alright mate?"
Tim : "yeah, had a few beers but I'm drug sober man"
by Nick Flanagan November 16, 2007
an undefined amount of grime that appears on clothes, skin etc especially after eating crisps or saucy foods.
Everytime I leave the cinema my hands are always covered in shmang.
by Nick Flanagan December 17, 2007

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