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2 definitions by Nick Farrell

Fruit booters, basically means a blader. Like aggressive skating, and the term comes from when there werent inline skates. They used to wear quads, with different coloured wheels, like the colours of the fruit. Hence the term "Fruit Booter".
Skaters, or wood pushers, who used skateboards and Fruit booters do not usually get on.
A piece of footwear, with 4 wheels inline, that users wear to pull of tricks, so a person who wears inline skates is called a fruit booter (fruit booters)
by Nick Farrell May 07, 2006
60 35
a skateboarder, usually a term used be fruit booters (bladers) as they dont get on.
"Twig", referring to the board being made of wood, and "flipping", referring to the tricks they perform.

derrogitry word, used as an insult mainly.
"stupid f**kin twig flippers clogging up the park"
by Nick Farrell July 12, 2006
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